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Here are some fun facts about one of the most beloved video games of all time, The Legend of Zelda:

-The original prototype NES cartridge is worth a lot a lot. The shiny gold plastic NES cartridge was special at time of release, but the yellow prototype cartridge recently sold on eBay for $150,000.
-Link is (usually) left-handed. Except for the Wii version of Twilight Princess (notoriously) features a right-handed Link, because that's how most players hold the Wiimote.
-The wife of Great Gatsby author F. Scott Fitzgerald was named Zelda, and she inspired Nintendo's most famous princess.
-Nintendo genius Shigeru Miyamoto (shown), creator of the Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers franchises, is also credited with creating The Legend of Zelda franchise. Miyamoto's game was focused on exploration and completion -- a relatively unique gaming concept at the time.
-Link was inspired by Peter Pan. He wears a green tunic, hangs out with fairies and has pointy ears.
In the classic Link’s Awakeing the oddly suspicious and distinctive characters Link encounters were inspired by David Lynch's '90s television series Twin Peaks.
-You can beat the original game in under 30 minutes. The current world record speedrun time for The Legend of Zelda is 28 minutes, 50 seconds. Though, beating the game that quickly requires you to exploit a glitch.
-To get the unique sound of ChuChus in The Wind Waker, Nintendo sped up a conversation between two Japanese men arguing and played it in reverse. One of the quotes translates to "at least I'm not balding."

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