Bottle Logic 2019 Stasis Releases (so far)

Katie and I were in Anaheim last week visiting Bottle Logic, and we had the opportunity to sample this year's release of Fundamental Observation and Number Crunch. The 2019 batch tastes especially great because the 2018 Madagascar vanilla crop greatly improved in quality over previous years. The vanilla notes are strong, warm and smooth, which brings out Fundamental Observation's famous liquid brownie batter flavor. Number Crunch is based on FO but with cacao nibs added to conjure a classic candy bar flavor. Both beers were sold online last weekend and will be available for sampling — along with several amazing variants — at this weekend's Fundamental Weekend celebration at the brewery (July 20/21).

In addition to F.O. and Number Crunch, here are all the releases that have (so far) appeared in the updated Stasis program template that we designed for 2019. Bottle Logic and I have been on pace to design and release 2 Stasis beers per month. Bastion of Reason celebrates Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab's tradition of Lucky Peanuts. Details and Dialects combines the flavors of Peach Cobbler with a Dungeons & Dragons reference. El Duende is a Hortchata-inspired stout featuring a creepy gnome from Latin and South American folklore. Beer Geek Observation was a collaboration between Bottle Logic (F.O.) and Mikkeller (Beer Geek).

(Other Stasis beers released in 2019: Layers of Influence, Jam the Radar, and Fundamental Theorem).

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