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☕ Graphite - Cold Brew Branding #3

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Cold-brew ◾ refined.

Meet Graphite. A cold brew concentrate for real coffee lovers. This is just a part of the stationery kit and I am planning to share the product label designs this week as well. The visual language is as dark as the coffee.

For those of you haven’t seen my last shot;

I revisited one of the oldest typefaces out there called Belwe (1904). It’s sharp, bold and gives a good hint of a blackletter.

The colors reflect the coffee and graphite itself a.k.a 'black lead'. Different shades of black are combined with vaporwave retro-futuristic gradient.

One package includes one bottle of Graphite, which can serve eight cups of cold brew and can supply a weekly dose of caffeine.

Thoughts about the overall look would be appreciated, folks. Is it dark enough? 😂

Lastly, big thanks to @Alex Tass, logo designer pointing me out some ''angle issue with my oldie typeface''.

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