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  1. Greg Storey Greg Storey

    Someday Penny Pineapple is going to make a comeback.

    over 4 years ago

  2. Dan Cederholm Dan Cederholm

    I miss Penny Pineapple. Please bring back Penny Pineapple. +1 Penny Pineapple.

    over 4 years ago

  3. Luke Dorny Luke Dorny

    [comment deleted for the kiddies]

    over 4 years ago

  4. Greg Storey Greg Storey

    I should. After the troll fiasco I took it down while I tried to call the original painter. He didn't give two shits about what I did and was irritated that I was making such a big deal out of the whole thing.

    over 4 years ago

  5. Dan Cederholm Dan Cederholm

    You have no excuse then but to bring her back :)

    over 4 years ago

  6. Luke Dorny Luke Dorny

    He's right you know.

    over 4 years ago

  7. Greg Storey Greg Storey

    Plans have been set in motion.

    over 4 years ago

  8. Shane Guymon Shane Guymon

    +1 for bringing her back, I always wondered why she even left.

    about 4 years ago

  9. Brian Warren Brian Warren

    Bring her back! As a widget too. ;)

    about 4 years ago

  10. Chris Glass Chris Glass

    Please do not bring this Penny Pineapple back though.

    almost 4 years ago

  11. Luke Dorny Luke Dorny

    Any success with this?

    about 2 years ago

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