Maria Stewart

Phantom: A Tale on Plastic Pollution

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Phantom: A Tale on Plastic Pollution
Copyright 2019 | Perception Change Project - United Nations

Illustrator: Maria Stewart
Author: Kirsten Deall

Phantom: A Tale on Plastic Pollution joins a collection of children's books on environmental and societal topics published by the Perception Change Project at the United Nations Office in Geneva. These books have been created as a way to teach young audiences about the international issues that the Sustainable Development Goals aim to resolve by 2030. In this installment, readers can follow the journey of Baby Whale and her mother as they warn both sea life and the human world about the dangers of plastic pollution after the tragic death of Phantom, the largest whale in the ocean. At the end of the story, parents and children can engage in the learning section to discover ways they can help end plastic pollution in the world's oceans.

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