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Toxic/healthy Rick

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Toxic/healthy Rick vector illustrator portal gun healthy rick toxic rick morty smith rick and morty rick sanchez rickandmorty rick illustration

Finally this artwork is finished. I was waiting for season 4 and I got the idea that meanwhile let's work on an artwork for one of the season 3 episodes. Fun fact is that I was watching Rick and Morty a lot for this work and I was browsing YouTube, I found a video which Justin Roiland was drinking to do the drunk Rick's voice. I said fuck it, let's try drunk drawing the toxic side. I'll never know if that had an effect on the work but it was a nice experiment, Mostly :|.
Well I hope you like this. I put an easter egg from another episode too.
I'm working on lot of ideas this summer so it's gonna be a busy one.
Thanks for you support
Luv ya
* drops portal gun

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