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My brothers and I had a few of the Wuzzle plush toys with matching storybooks. They were some of my favorite stuffed animals in my collection, right along with my Popples and Carebears.

The Wuzzles is an animated television series created by Disney for Saturday morning television, and was first broadcast in 1985 by on CBS on the same day Disney also premiered The Gummi Bears on NBC. The premise is that the main characters are hybrids of two different animals (as the theme song mentions, "...livin' with a split personality”). That line would certainly have been edited out today. All the characters sport wings on their backs, although only Bumblelion and Butterbear are seemingly capable of flight.

Most people only remember The Wuzzles because of the toys. This is because the series was not so successful. There were only 13 episodes in all. There are different theories on why it failed, including mine, which is that pinning them against The Gummi Bears was a recipe for disaster. Another very likely theory is that the voice of Moosel had died while the second season was made, so they halted production and the show ended there.

Crocosaur: Half crocodile, half dinosaur,
Rhinokey: Half rhinoceros and half monkey
Hoppopotamus: Half rabbit, half hippopotamus
Moosel: Half moose and half seal
Eleroo: Half elephant and half kangaroo
Butterbear: Half bear and half butterfly
Bumblelion: Half bumblebee and half lion

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