Website Launch & Designer Call to Attention!


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Hey y'all! My friends and I launched a side project aimed at giving back to organizations we believe in — mainly focusing on gay rights. We're live here:

We've got funny shirts up now (including the infamous Dan Savage shirt back in stock) and a traditional logo tank. The model of the site is to feature a new shirt every week or so.

If you're interested in this cause and want to donate a design (the majority of all profit from each shirt goes directly to a carefully selected charity, such as the It Gets Better Project or the LA Gay and Lesbian Society, etc.) email us to discuss a design.

You guys are the most talented designers on the planet, so this is a fab resource:

Note: if you're offended by the content of the shot or the site, no need to hate. This isn't meant to upset or bother you. Just keep lovin' yourself some JC.

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