The Evolution of Frankie

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  1. Kate McInnes Kate McInnes

    She's finished! Frankie is now ready to be printed onto a sidewalk cruiser deck. I've attached the evolution of the piece. It's a bit different from my regular work. I wanted to keep the flow of the PS sketch but I needed the file to be vector.

    Step 1 - Sketch onto iPad with a stylus and the Procreate drawing app ( I love this app!

    Step 2 - Import JPG from iPad to refine and plan more of the shapes and colors in PS. I used my new Wacom Intuos5 for this. Again, more love! The new scratchy surface on the Intuos5 makes drawing feel "real".

    Step 3 - Import JPG from Ps into Ai and use Custom Brushes, the Blob Brush and some Pen Tool to vector the image and create the export file.

    Step 4 - Wait for it to be printed on a skateboard ;)

    over 1 year ago

  2. Sharon Milne Sharon Milne

    Oh so good! Although I'd have had the shine in the lips on the vectored version a bit more bold - it seems too faint. Otherwise it's fabulous!

    over 1 year ago

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