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When working with updates of existing products, it's always important to consider the current technology being used, it's limitations and if it can be improved.

In the case of the sign up and sign in flows in the DOT app, the current solution was based on phone numbers and an SMS code.

A problem and a solution
We all know that, once in a while, we get a new phone and possibly a new phone number. This means that you would loose your DOT account and have to create a new one.

Providing the option to recover your account using a previous phone number seemed like a logical thing to do. We set up a sign in and sign up flow with the option to recover your account via the email you have associated with your account, and link it to your new phone number.

But unfortunately, most users didn't have an email on their account because it simply wasn't mandatory to add it in the first place.

A better, simpler solution
After spending time on trying to explain a clumsy recovery process to our users, we took a step back.

It turns out that it wasn't always critical to keep your existing account, as the only thing that would be stored on it would be your purchase history, and active commuter cards (Critical yes, but I'll get back to this).

We ended up with an onboarding without the option to sign up or sign in, and no option to recover your old account either.
Instead, we simply ask you to enter your phone number, confirm the SMS code, and you're in.

But what about those lost Commuter Cards?
The only scenario where a user will have an email associated with their account, are if they had previously purchased a commuter card. This means that we could prompt new users to link their old commuter card to their new account, via their email address, once they are already in the app.

With this solution it gave us a sign up flow that takes less than 20 seconds to complete!

Bonus info: The video above is actually a screen recording of the app, not a prototype.

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