Lauren Staser

Feel the Fear

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“Attempting to do anything you haven't done before is always uncomfortable, and usually scary, but it is ALWAYS worth it. Fear disappears in the midst of action, and a better version of yourself awaits you on the other side of your fear. Feel the fear, and do it anyway.”

This lesson has been a huge game changer for me the past several years. Once I realized that I had to accept and get to know my fears in order to move past the obstacles that they create, so many layers of growth and opportunity opened up. I came to realize that, at least for me, those fears never fully go away. But knowing that I can coexist with them and that they don’t own me has allowed me to harness those fears and grow through them!

I’ve followed @homsweethom ‘s weekly #homwork assignments for a while now. I’ve always wanted to participate but I’ve also had anxiety and FEARS about posting my work. I’ve recently started to move past that, and the words of wisdom/lessons prompt this week seemed like the perfect opportunity to jump in. ❤️

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