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Affiliate landing page for SaaS product

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Most SaaS websites today punch in a safe, tested formula and pump out yet another same-looking, same-sounding website that no one really blinks an eye at. They're talking about everything to everyone--*and convincing no one.*

Let's get this straight: Generic doesn't work. Same soup, reheated is stale and it doesn't sell.

There's hundreds of SaaS products that are toeing your space: they have the same features, the same use cases. And you have one single chance. One change to emerge as a market leader. One chance to target the right visitor, get the right positioning and sell your product.

And you want to waste it with a bland, recycled website?

With specific landing pages that target one segment of your customers, ONLY ONE, you can do so much more. You can build a connection, and position your product to fit their needs. You can be more than 'just another option'. You can be the right choice.

Here's one of those focussed landing pages I created for Spocket, targeting Affiliates to join our Partner program.

The affiliate program was a big channel for acquiring users and this is where it began. This landing page that introduces Spocket to the potential partner, and explains all the benefits of joining, with social proof and a clear CTA!


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