Squarespace 6 FUI : Finale

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The fictional interface I have been designing for the Squarespace 6 rebound contest. But due to an unfortunate turn of events, I failed to submit this shot before the deadline. Intermittent WiFi connection, Photoshop's 500 Limit on GIFs, load shedding being some of my excuses. I am writing an e-mail explaining my situation to Squarespace team. Hopefully they will understand the difficulties I had in pushing this online.

But anyway, this has been a milestone project for me in interactive prototyping. I understood a lot more about graphical programming. I thank @Edward Sanchez, @Pranav Pramod, @Ollin and @Nahas Akbar for their creative input in this piece :)

Without anymore ado here is the demo video accompanied by the original application with which you can interact to see the graphics in real time.

See it on Vimeo :
Download the app :

My favourite fact about this is that all the dropshadows, outerglows and innershadows you see in this image are dynamically generated in CoreGraphics. Hope you enjoy it ;)

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