Mac App: Bluetooth Notification for Incoming Calls [+Animation]

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WIP: I'm currently working on a little tweak for the OS X Mountain Lion Notification Center. Your iPhone will connect itself to the Mac through Bluetooth and offers a notification if a call comes in. The Notification will offer the same feature as iOS 6 will offer for incoming calls -> 'Remind me later' and 'Reply a (i)Message' throughout a little button on the right side. And - of course - you'll be able to make a handsfree call with this tweak while working on your Mac 'cause the Bluetooth-connection will work in both ways.

You wanna see it in action? Well, here's a little nasty GIF-Animation in 1280x800 pixels which shows the incoming call and the button to toggle between 'Answer'+'Decline' and 'Reply'+'Reminder'...

And, one little clue on top: I've chosen the one and only Julia Khusainova to display the incoming call. It's kinda homage to her absolutely brilliant and gorgeous and awesome and amazing and so on work

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