Apollo 11 50th Anniversary - Joystick

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. This interactive poster campaign aims to celebrate mankind's greatest achievement by educating 16-25 year old about the inventions that were developed as a result of the Apollo moon missions.

"Space exploration has made marks that have changed the world forever. The joystick was designed after the flight controllers used onboard NASA’s piloted spacecraft and used to pilot the Apollo missions. We now see them every day in computer gaming, giving us new ways to play and enjoy life"

Interaction with the Astronaut slider gives the user an element of surprise and excitement when they use it to make the visual change - This aims to reinvigorate people's passion with space exploration by visually demonstrating to users how space exploration has effected our everyday lives, but more importantly, the progress of mankind.

Stephen Leadbetter
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