HM001: Arita 2016/ Free Download [After Effects/Sketch/Figma]

Today, we glad to start our epic series🔥 of hype motion projects. As a premiere, we want to share it all with you. Download and enjoy it completely for free (link below). If you are interested in our mission and future goals - check our website (in bio).
Now let’s talk about the project.

HM001: Arita 2016/

2016/ makes contemporary porcelain using the specialist skills found in the pottery town of Arita, Japan. Local artistry is combined with international design talent in the making of desirable, everyday porcelain products. 2016/ aims to revive interest in and bring commerce back to this remarkable craft region and its makers.
With this project, we would like to draw the attention of the designers audience to these masterpieces.

Photos and texts by
All rights belongs to their authors.


Project Structure
Project divided in several comps/artboards, which are designed and animated in seamless loop.
HM001 comes with Sketch (.sketch), Figma (.fig) and After Effects (.aep) files.
Design and animation files presented in two versions: with commercial and free (Google Fonts) fonts.
For visual reference and inspiration we keep the source files untouched as you see them in presentation. If you don’t own that commercial fonts, just use the free version we made with Google Fonts alternatives, and play around. All links provided.

Fonts in use
Commercial Version:
— Ogg
— Trade Gothic LT Extended
— GT America

Free Version:
— Oswald
— Roboto
— Merriweather

All design screens are separated. Common elements made with Symbols/Components when necessary.

After Effects:
All graphic content and typo is replaceable.
Main composition is looped, so your animation will repeat itself nicely with no spikes.

After Effects CC+/Sketch 43+/Figma

Download project for free


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