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Throw em a fast one hands squat mask catcher baseball red sox boston

Heres that catcher illustration I made a few weeks back now animated by @akaHomebody and then hacked down to 10fps for size restraints from dribbbles nice new uploading interface through the app. (That sounds sarcastic and is absolutely not) This shot is part of a larger digital mural that’ll be in a restaurant in Boston.

I’d be remiss to see what’s going on around dribbble lately with its growth and new users (and ironically lower and lower authentic engagement) and all sorts of changes to ~algorithms~ and dan’s more recently official departure etc and not mention my thoughts that this community is the users’ and always should be and while I’ve not been very helpful, I think there needs to be a shift in the way we’re using the site and the way we’re commenting and conversing and helping and giving feedback and asking for feedback instead of a dumpinground for the front page.

Perhaps the need for that sort of a community is gone and too 2012 but I will say it feels like a bit of a shell of itself. Maybe I’m just out of touch. And while I’d love to complain about the higher ups not giving enough attention to community engagement in sacrifice for contests and sponsorship deals, I think we can have some fun bringing thoughtful comments back. But hell, perhaps that’s what slack channels and phone calls are for in 2019.

Also bring back timothy j Reynolds accounts ffs.

Oh and to improve in my own feedback to the community above:
I wanted to create a style here that felt very “kirk” on a time crunch. Using a bit of current trends and fun defining detail lines but hopefully not walking too closely to the obvious route. I’m slowly trying to evolve this sort of a b c style where if the time and budget allots, I can use months of time coming up with final works, but when necessary, have a simpler version that still feels super intentional and not just a half finished version if that makes sense.
In fact it was very fun trying to keep things a bit simpler but still wonky and playful on a limited color palette and simpler details.

Okay anyway let me know what you hate about it and can’t wait for some “nice work” comments!

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