Book Train

Dribbble trainlogo beginning mockup shot

I'm trying out taking this project in a whole new direction, as the old concept wasn't what we were looking for. Our library is literally right next to some train tracks still in use today. They're remnants of the old Erie Lackawana trains, but even today trains pass through every half hour or so. Our library actually has quite a bit of train theming going on already — some of the departments have train-themed rooms, we have giant train toys in the children's section, we have a whole display of train memorabilia... so yeah, we have a lot of connections to trains. As an attempt to make something that truly represents OUR library (not just any old library), I took it this direction. It's still got rough spots to be worked out, but any thoughts on it so far?

Also, do you see some jagged edges at the top of the mockup cards? I do, but it's hard to tell if they're actually there, as I upgraded to the new Retina Macbook Pro and anything not Retina-supported looks like barf :/ (first world problems)

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