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Lieke Games - My first ever project

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A few years back I had a pivotal moment in my education and in my career. I enrolled in a course where you would make a business out of games. End of the half-year course we had to have founded a gaming company.

I formed a team with a developer and a Finnish language teacher. With this team, we held our first ever design sprint (during that time I didn't know that there was such a thing).

We came up with an idea of having a completely digital way of learning Finnish in a location-based mobile game. The game aimed to help students to learn Finnish and automate teachers workflow. Most students during that time wore asylum seekers, so we would also help them to migrate better by exposing them Finnish customs and significant places in their city.

In short, the student had tasks assigned by the teacher around Helsinki and the student had to go to these spots to do the assignments. This idea came to us during the era of pokemon go craziness. Practicalities aside, this sounded like a really good idea.

In the end, we didn't find a way to fund this project as the education sector in Finland is generally public. Purchasing decisions are mostly done in five-year cycles. In retrospective, I find this a good thing as it would have been hard to make an idea so filled with assumptions successful. Now I would have a leaner approach in designing this product. But I'm ever so grateful for having a safe environment to learn and test entrepreneurship.

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