Pray for Dulguun

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Dulguun Ochbadrakh is 23 years old promising young basketball player from Mongolia who received the MCBA's (Mongolian College Basketball Association) MVP of the year, which also gave him an opportunity to travel to the United States to watch the 2019 NBA Final's game. During his trip, he fell ill, and ended up at the hospital. He was admitted to the Liver Transplant Unit at UCSF Medical Center, and requiring ICU level of care. He was diagnosed with acute liver failure, disseminated herpes zoster and acute Hepatitis B. At this time, Dulguun Ochbadrakh's prognosis is highly dependent on if his liver recovers, if his liver fails and he is unable to receive transplant, his mortality is 100%. He is in critical condition due to his severe liver disease, multiple infections, kidney failure and ongoing blood losses. So we are asking you to help this young man to get healthy and go back home to see his family. Please donate!



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