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Preach - A Music App

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Hey guys, it's been a while. Well, more than a while, I haven't posted on Dribbble since last year haha. Just sharing some concept work for a music app I've been working on. It feels good to design something just for fun for a change. I'm planning to keep up the momentum and I'm thinking of taking 1 day out of the week and dedicating that time to just creating random things and working on side projects. And out of curiosity, how do you guys set aside time to work on side projects and other random things?

On a side note, I was featured on Dribbble's blog the other day. They asked me and 8 other designers how travel inspired our work, so I just added my 2 cents. You can check it out here


Also, I created an Instagram page called Makespace with @Keneque . Here we share products and accessories that help to make your workspace more ergonomic and beautiful. Follow us if you're looking for some workspace inspo 😊

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