capp - the most beautiful iPhone calendar app

Meet capp - the most stunning and beautiful calendar app for your iPhone. There's no simpler, better looking and easier to use calendar app out there.

Some thoughts on this one

- the color-scheme indicates the time of the day
- slide vertically to move from month to month
- icons under a particular date show birthdays, dates, ...
- press + to add dates
- pinch to get a year overview
- zoom to go to a detailed view of the current week
- tap on any week to get a detailed view of all due dates
- see the a weather forecast in the detailed view
- pull down the dates to go pack to a month

See attachements for further details and different color-schemes.

Press "L" on your keyboard to get some cookies. ;)

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Thx to @Adam Whitcroft for his climacons.

If theres some developer out there who's interested in working with me on this project, please contact me on twitter.

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