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SO! todat or tonight, was a fun drunka time SO, i started thinking, bear with me lol
I WOULD LOVE TO MEET ppl on dribbble, nau what about you!? What if you like this idea, if so tell me what might be the best location for such a thing, i vote europe like germani or france orrr dunno uk or whatever!
Retwwet or tweet or allah akbar or share the idea i would love this to happen so DRIBBBLE WANTS YOU! to think about this and share if you are up for this, imo i wanna drink and laugh with all of ya ;)

DRIBBBBLE! muahahahah

Btw this was made by a veery drunk guy, LOOK AT THE TXUTEES MAUUAUHAH i even kissed a guy tonite cuz i wanted to se e these two awsm chicks make out it was worth it, and there i thought about this meet thing adn it sooo needs to happen! xD
ofc im not gonna kiss anyone or nothing i just want to meet ya all!

hahah im off to sleep! :* haha


Event Info!

So we agreed on the place and date!

Atomiumsquare 1020 Brussels, Belgium

Saturday, December 18 at 12:00pm - December 19 at 2:00am

Share the event for all of those that are interested!

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  1. Brussels Dribbble Meetup


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