Althea Solomons

Local is Lekker: Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

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I love type and I am always trying to improve my skills. My inspiration for this project was the areas I've lived in and am living in. I'm originally from Hanover Park, one of so many gang impoverished areas in the Western Cape, plagued by gangs, crime, drugs and unemployment. I like so many, coming from areas like this, tend to be ashamed because you believe people will judge you and assume the worst of you because you from the "ghetto". But coming from an area where life expectancy is in the 20s, girls fall pregnant at 16 and then on to become single mothers that never really get the chance to finish proper schooling. I was very, VERY determined not to become a statistic. My determination, I believe, was so strong, because I came from this area, I finished school, studied further and I'm now doing what I love. I am no longer ashamed, because there are so many stories just like mine. This was a tribute to Hanover Park, that birthed such a huge love for where I'm from and who I am, Coloured! And that inspired this project, a type project for the areas in and around my history.

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