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Once More with Feeling

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In the words of my forever hero Joss Whedon, from the musical episode of my favourite show:

"All those secrets
You've been concealing
Say you're happy now,
Once more with feeling"

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has really impacted me as a teenager growing up in the 90s. Buffy, the ever-strong main female character, going through supernatural and also every day battles, has been someone to look up to in a tv landscape that focussed on the damsel in distress concept. The musical episode was one that especially resonated with me, as I love musicals and it wasn't your usual happy go lucky musical but it had some gritty and dark storylines. This line from the episode "Once More with Feeling" sums up the episode really well and it also relates to my freelance life, that even if you're going through dark times and things are grim, you just have to get through it cos you only have one life, so pick yourself up and keep going.

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