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E-ticket — logotype for single ticket system

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🚊 In the modern world, traveling is becoming easier. You just need to download 3-4 applications into a smartphone and there are no more difficulties to navigate in an unfamiliar city than in your own. I was convinced of this when I was in 15 million Istanbul with a huge territory. There are no problems with moving by public transport - you buy Istanbul-maps and with its help you pay for any public transport: tram, trolleybus, metro, ferry and even the cable carl. A single ticket for all transport is very convenient.

🎟 The system for which I made the logo is called E-ticket. With that passengers can pay for the tram, trolley bus and subway in the city of Kharkov. The work has been done and I want to say that making a logo for such a project is a hell of a very interesting task. I share with you a case —

Special thanks @Маргарита Шахайло for motion design.

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