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Hirschvogel geometria vector assets

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is a new series of vector assets I'm really proud to finally release!

These elements have been sourced from three different versions of an old mathematics treaty called Hirschvogel's Geometria, from 1543. I have sorted through the digitized pages of the volume, and selected the most visually striking elements. Wikipedia, the Met's digital collection, and the Public Domain Review host the scans I used.

Rather than just live trace the old diagrams, I also decided to reconstruct, in the most accurate, mathematically correct way, most of these diagrams. Let me tell you, Illustrator is an interesting beast to emulate a pen, compass, protractor, and square edge.

The end result is this set of more than 70 vector elements, available in clean, stroked format, and in the raw, aged assets. They are amazing as background elements, centerpieces for key art, and more. I hope you have as much fun using them as I had collecting, and recreating them.

I spoofed a lot of old mathematics book covers (found via to create the hero shots, and the previews. If you go look in the attachments, you'll even find some that didn't make the cut.

- Over 70 vector assets
- Clean strokes, aged vector shapes
- Available in Ai, EPS, and PDF formats

Curious about the beautiful, aged serif typeface I used for some of the hero shots, and for the lettering in the assets? It's Appareo, created by Kimmy Design. You should check it out:

Like the aging seen in the hero shots, and preview assets for the product, and want to emulate that in your own work? I have good news! These were made with my photocopy noise, and vector noise textures:
- Photocopy noise textures, volume 01:
- Photocopy noise textures, volume 02:
- Vector noise textures, volume 01:
- Vector noise textures, volume 04:


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