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CenterStage | Episode No. 4

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CenterStage | Episode No. 4 art startup subscription design illustrations team designers brand branding illustrator illustration stickers sticker slaptastick slap headshots typography lettering designer artist

Ok. Now we think you get the drill 🥳, this is what we are calling CenterStage — Where we highlight a member of the Slap! Family Roster. This is CenterStage | Episode No. 4

Meet Eso Tolson. He’s a creative director, designer, and hand lettering artist based out in Memphis, Tennessee. Eso embarked on his freelance journey back in 2008 and hasn’t looked back. His lettering style is so unique it captures your attention at first glance — just check out “Rep Yo City” which is his apparel company called, Embrace Your Inner. Make sure you go follow him @coolurbanhippie — aren’t you excited to see what he creates?!?

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