Mehdi Bouayaben

Buddy Playoff: Automate the Web Development

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I think is all about simplicity and usability
Before starting the design of The user interface I make some search in User experience And I found a small problem in the website :
- the top bar : in the previous design I discovered the search icon is not much visible
" It is not recommended to hide search inputs behind a button or Icon click. This leads to reduced visibility of the search element, and increased interaction cost in the form of an extra click. "
source :
" I don't know is that important problem or not but I make some effort "

For the actions I create a list of the action categories
the user no need to make a big effort to scroll the display and find the action , just tap the action name in the ( filter bar ) or navigate between categories of actions (check the prototype video in this shot or you can watch it in this link )

Hope that's helpful, if you have any idea or advice you welcome :)

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