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  1. Parker Martin Parker Martin

    Lately I have been tasked with the creation of several pieces of vector artwork for use within a new responsive Drupal theme for the International Council of Voluntary Agencies, a large NGO located in Geneva, Switzerland.

    The icons themselves are meant to accompany anchors in a large resource database for sharing public and private binary files on a variety of different topics.

    In this way, the icons I have created are meant to provide a visual taxonomy to allow users to easily and efficiently narrow down search results regardless of device.

    It is important within the area of responsive web design to not overwhelm a user’s small screen with small hyperlinks, as it is very difficult for users to differentiate and select with their fingertips. By framing each illustration within a circular element, I hope to develop a more natural approach to designing buttons as clickable entities; Instead of following the often mimicked OSX-style of beveled squares, I’ve gone with something that mirrors the natural shape of the human fingertip.

    over 1 year ago

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