Gantt Chart II

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Imagine that you need to put in order all the tasks and activities from your project.
Imagine how easy to communicate all this information to your team-mates will be if you had the right tool.

Gantt Charts are perfect for these situations, showing the start and end for the projects or periods of time. Also allows you to be aware of deadlines and other issues related to project success and good communication

This type of charts are amazing for planning and schedule projects and provide people of key information of the work to be done and when.

Normally, it includes a list of activities, with the duration over time. It's really helpful in the estimation and the activities that need to be worked in parallel.

Rows: Activities & tasks.
Columns: Time period.

Show Who is responsible for the activities.
Add a description and progress
Add status colors
Show dependencies

Use when:
You are working over deadlines
Delivery dates
This is my example of Gantt.


Almost one year I have a clear perspective for this and moving forward to share in pdf!
Stay tuned and also visit the other projects here:

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