Shaffira Alya Mevia

Kopi Sekar

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Daily Logo Challenge Day 6: Coffee Shop Logo

I love this prompt. Having a coffee shop is one of my dreams. Making this logo felt like I was closer to that dream.

I wanted to make this prompt local. I came from Bandung, a city well known for its flowers (in the old times, sadly) in Indonesia. Hence the name, 'Sekar' which means flower in Javanese (Bandung's local language is Sundanese, but Javanese is still a part of Indonesia's culture, so it's still 'local' haha) and 'Kopi' which literally translates to coffee.

What made proud of this piece was I handwritten the word 'Sekar'. It's the first time I vectorized a hand-lettering and I think it's a nice start.

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