A Century In Headlines

Final design 2 01

This was a university project I recently completed. The brief was to create a collection of 30 items or objects. I chose to collect headlines from the last century.

I started my research online, looking at a basic timeline of historical events, starting at 1901. I then collected about 60 major historical events which I cut down to 30 of the most important ones. I then searched for headlines based on these events using the Times Online Digital Archive, which is a database of all it's newspapers since 1850 or something like that.

I looked at a range of ways of presenting the information, including a small prototype book I made, but I decided that this was a very obvious way of presenting data, so moved into poster design to try to make the data work to it's full potential.

To view the entire project, go to http://www.behance.net/gallery/A-Century-In-Headlines/1667670

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