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Trading app for apple watch

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Hi guys,
I decided to create a motion part of my trading watch concept.

Quick design tip #1: Concepts

I think it's important for every designer to create some kind of conceptual work from time to time where you can try new things and learn something from it. This kind of work keeps pushing you towards to become a better designer.

3 main reasons for doing conceptual work

1️⃣ To become a better product designer - find some problem and solve it your own way, a better one. Think out of the box.

2️⃣ Get new clients - visual stunning concepts = more traffic = more clients. Choose your favorite brand that does a poor job at UX/UI/branding etc. and create a better version of it. If you are good enough, they will notice and might offer you a job.

3️⃣ Learn new techniques - wanna try 3D or motion and didn't have an opportunity yet?

These are 3 main reasons that I take into consideration when thinking of what next concept I'm gonna do. Do you agree?

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