Who am i?


I've been busy updating my resume lately. I listed the projects which I proud of, created a pdf with samples etc.
Unfortunately I am unable to put my TITLE over it. I am not sure what to write, I am not sure what to call myself, I am not sure who am I in the digital design jungle.

I've been calling myself a "Flash animator". Now I think it is not enough to express what I do. I am not someone who animate someone else's illustrations, characters etc.
I design my own characters for the projects, I animate them, I create the backgrounds, scene compositions. I decide how to tell the story, I choose the mood, I decide the colors, sometimes I write the script, I choose the soundtracks.

Digital Art director? Nah, too pretentious!

Multimedia designer? Maybe! But somehow it reminds me more video style work.

There more on resume sites; Interactive Designer, Visual Designer…

I don't feel one fits me perfectly. Maybe because I am not a native speaker of English.

Please help me to find a title to put on my business card.

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