Alexis van den Berg

Undertones: Roots, Event Program

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One of the things i've wanted to do more of is to help people who are working on projects that are thoughtful and beyond just helping ourselves. I love to see friends who are trying to do better in the world and it was a pleasure to help Jonathan and Alicia Tang by working on their event program for Undertones: Roots! This event showcasing Asian contemporary music was put together to raise funds for immigration reform and all proceeds went to ACLU, The American Civil Liberties Union!

This was a simple program showcasing Alicia's beautiful illustrations. We wanted to pair the illustrations with typefaces that matched the texture of the artwork & tone of the event.

Can't wait to work on more projects like this. I heard great news from Jonathan that he is about to get a grant so that he can continue doing this about 6 times a year! :)

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