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It's been a great experience working with the Firefox team for the last couple of years. We are proud, nervous, and excited all at once to see the new Firefox master brand and its sub-product logos live.

Reading comments from the design community, we noticed that some people love the design, while others are more critical of it. Most critiques them from the idea that the new visual identity is the replacement of the well-known Foxy logo; however, it is as an evolution of the overall Firefox brand. The Firefox Browser logo is great and has its soul, but it can't be a parent brand logo. It is a product within the Firefox brand family.

Some people find the visual language of the sub-products (Monitor, Send, Lockwise) overly simple. We had very detailed requirements for the visual identity design system. One of the most important requirements was that the product logos should work well in small sizes when included in the Firefox Browser as glyphs.

We explored not dozens but hundreds of options and directions. Looking back and at the final result, we ask ourselves: "Why did we spend months creating something that we could draw within a few hours?" It takes time to explore all possible options and come up with a single solution that just works. This simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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On this journey, we realized that the DNA of Ramotion is very similar to Mozilla. We've become a very close part of the Mozilla team. We are incredibly lucky to continue this collaboration, and we can't wait to share more about this ongoing engagement with the super talented Mozilla team.

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