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Promo Website for The World’s Best Cordless Vacuum

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Hey guys!

Meet the world’s best performing cordless vacuum cleaner, and the website we made for it here at Zajno. We did it as an experiment since we were inspired by the product, which is now on Kickstarter, you can learn more about it here.

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Our goal was to create a clean and informative website that would communicate the product’s main advantages that make it the best cordless vacuum out there.

We decided to focus on the three main strengths of the product: power, endurance and flexibility. The Pure Cordless excels at these three major factors where others are compromised, and that’s what makes it the best. We applied smart whitespace utilization and kept the website clean and minimal not to destruct attention from the product’s benefits. We mention the machine’s unrivalled suction power, unique format adapts to every cleaning task and outstanding endurance that allows it to work for a full 60 minutes, which means more cleaning and less charging.

Another important thing about the product that we saw necessary to tell about on the website is the social and environmental impact that this vacuum cleaner has. Did you know 50% of small electrical appliances taken to waste processing in the European Union is from vacuum cleaners? It's pretty shocking. the Pure Cordless is different. It is fully serviceable and almost every part can be replaced. It has been designed to be as long-lasting as possible, and if you want a proof, it’s a 7 year warranty they are offering all their Kickstarter backers.

We ended up with an elegant, simple and intuitive website that clearly communicates the advantages of the product and speaks to the target audience. Let me know what you think of that! Eager to hear some feedback!

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