Raoul Croes

Tea Brick Packaging

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Tea Brick is a sustainable tea concept created by my own curiosity. Until this century we still buy tea that is packaged in tea bags. Sadly, the majority of tea bags are not plastic free, biodegradable, nor compostable. In fact, most tea bags on the market contain up to 25% plastic! Small amounts of plastic called polypropylene are used in the manufacturer process to seal the tea bag when heat is added.

After some research for a more sustainable way to sell and package tea I came across Pu-erh. Pu-erh is compressed tea and it has existed for centuries, estimates speak about 1700 years. Yunnan (China) is the place where the tea originally comes from. In Yunnan they sell Pu-erh in variety of shapes like discs or cakes. But what if we make Pu-erh into bricks? meaning no tea bags thus a smaller package with cartons are recyclable, biodegradable and made from paper certified by the FSC.

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