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Hey friends,

I have news for you.

I say how a site should be my own for a while. I've been in this for +10 years. I've made myself a portfolio site many times but I'm bored from the static portfolio pages. For example, the website of my design company www.projectmind.co is very stable. www.kudreto.com would like to get a living website. I see hundreds of exquisite interface designers, illustrators and motion designers. @ranganath krishnamani @Niclas Ernst
@Aaron Poe @Jarek Ceborski @Leo Natsume
There are really incredibly talented designers.

As a designer, I am grateful that Dribbble has provided us with such a facility. And I want to keep linking them somewhere.

I want to keep inspiring writings I read in @Medium or elsewhere in my own space.

I will live this page soon.

Follow me further updates.

I hope you like it :)


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