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Jack Cotter Brand Identity

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From the archives:

Jack Cotter is a purveyor of quality tools to practitioners in beauty, with continued education and support to their craft.

The Jack Cotter logo is formed using the 3 simple shapes used to cut hair: circles, squares, and triangles. The logo mark, using these shapes, creates a crest—standing for the heritage and craftsmanship that Jack Cotter's products posses. It’s the promise of quality, while also subtly forming a J from the brand’s initials. The visual appeal of the logo contrasts a modern & precise, yet classic and heritage-driven approach by using thin, geometric lines in the brand mark, while the logo type is set in a modern serif font.

The visual identity system further emphasizes the logo by visually building the shapes into an eclectic pattern that symbolizes the process of building a haircut. The colors found within the logo mark and brand pattern relate to the diverse hair colors and styles found within the practice. With all of these components together, Jack Cotter's brand identity positions them to be the leader in their industry.

Fun Fact: This logo was chosen to be apart of LogoLounge's 2019 Trend Report. Check it out here!

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