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Retro Gaming Arcade Cabinet Machine Mockup Template

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Retro Gaming Arcade Cabinet Machine Mockup Template build diy template 1980s retropie raspberry pi sega genesis nes geek arcade gamers classic gaming mock up retrogaming retro gaming video games mock-up mockup arcade cabinet


This is a retro gaming arcade cabinet mockup Photoshop template designed to create quick and easy design of arcade cabinet machines designed to promote retro gaming events, fighting games tournament, raspberry pi diy arcade machines build, retropie custom builds, arcade stick fighting tournaments, video games in general, classic gaming events and parties, coin op tournaments, gaming stores and shops, gaming fair, geek convenstions and any similar video gaming activity related to 1980s and 80s video games.

This retro gaming arcade cabinet mockup template is very well organized and easy to edit. You can insert your own graphic and text inside the screen, screen frame, side panel, top marquee and bottom panel of the arcade cabinet machine. You can also easily and quickly change the color of the various elements of this bartop arcade cabinet machine, like the buttons, the top marquee, the screen frame, the side panels, the rubber stripes on the panels, the control panel, the bottom panel, the sticks, the sticks’ base and the sticks’ spheres.

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