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Hello, my dear viewers. Finally, you can see the process of creating logos.

Let's talk about the character who he is and where he came from.
This is the character of the game Disciples 3. Demon Xaapxyc, who went against his Lord of the shadow Betrezena. In the body of the demon Haarhus, Betresen sharpened the elf's soul and erased his memory, but after meeting with fate, namely, by Laura, this beautiful girl fell from the heavens, for whom the whole world of this game’s universe hunted, Haarhus goes against the darkness to make what he intended. The girl helps to free the elf's soul from imprisonment and to return his memory to him, after which the opposition to darkness takes place.

Why is this character drawn? In the universe of the game is my favorite character, he has the best company. I advise you to play all lovers of turn-based strategy.

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