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Behind the scenes, I’ve been working on a new website and home on the internet for myself –

I knew that I needed to reposition myself towards the end of 2018. The kind of leads I’ve received over the past 6 months are all over the place, ranging from – branding, email design/build, designing UI kits, building design systems, integrating front-ends with headless CMS’ etc.

And whilst I still want to do a lot of these things, I’ve shifted my attention away from projects that just want me to design something pretty or build something that’s already been designed.

Instead, I’m looking to take on projects that involve me earlier on where I can provide more value.

For those of you who don’t know, I work full time at an agency as a creative developer. But I’ve been doing freelance projects here and there for around 7 years.

My new website isn’t finished yet, there is still a lot of refining to do and features to add. But I know from past experience, that it’s better to launch something that is 80% ready than sitting on it until it eventually gets scrapped (I’ve done this far too often on old websites).

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