Enrique Labrada

Daily UI #6 - App Icon!

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Hermes is a freight platform app which makes the connection between carriers and shippers seamless. The platform is used so freight can go from point A to point B. The logo is a parallelogram with a line through the middle, forming a discrete "H". The shape itself appears as if it was captured in motion, fitting in with the industry which is based on moving freight. I wanted to express the values of Hermes; efficiency and user friendliness. The latter was achieved by having no sharp points, the corners of the shapes have been smoothed out to invoke an inviting and friendly appearance. The choice of orange was also important, as it represents encouragement, energy and success. For the text, I used Saira Condensed in all capitals to suggest dependability.

Overall I wanted to achieve a sleek modern look in an industry that doesn't emphasize design.

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