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Kube-Router Logo

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Kube-Router Logo branding octopus monoline logo design logo

The open-source project Kubernetes is a juggernaut in terms of container management and a whole slew of technological mastery that I honestly don't understand a whole lot of.

Also, it's magical. :)

Kubernetes utilizes a lot of nautical symbolism for it's branding. Other open-source projects that extend/compliment Kubernetes also put their own spin on the nautical motif, so I wanted to continue that trend with the Kube-Router logo.

From my understanding of the project, Kube-router is a straightforward, elegant networking solution for Kubernetes. It utilizes the standard Linux networking stack and toolset to handle load balancing, pod networking, and a whole slew of other goodies.

I chose the octopus as it's a powerful symbol of agility, strength, and ingenuity. The text Kube-Router is contained within a box to symbolize containers and had the octopus hold it.

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