Creature Feature 19

Creature feature 19

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Tommy Turtle-While not particularly fast,Tommy enjoys running and is often seen training while listening to his favourite soundtrack-Rocky. Is yet to beat the hare.
Leon the Leo-Is lost without his hair dryer and mirror. Has a long time crush on The Professor from Gilligan's Island.
Zombie Kitty-Has been known to travel for days on foot to dine on it's favourite cuisine-dog scrotum. Also rather likes the taste of fat, hairy motorcyclists.
Tentacle Travis-This creature is always up for a good time-which mainly consists of featuring his two loves-beer & boobs.
Hoops-A rather simple creature who is never seen without a hoop at his hips. Known to feed on bubblegum.
Ollie Owl-A fastidious bird, who while isn't out catching night mice is seen watching reruns of Sally Jessy Raphael and doing crosswords.

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