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🍺 The Type Can - Beer for type lovers. #4

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More close-ups from my very personal beer branding: The Type Can.

For those of you haven’t seen my last shot;

Beer inspired by typography and typography inspired by beer.🍺

While having my cold beer in the weekend and reading my favorite book from Douglas Thomas, Don't Use Futura, I came up with an idea;

I am not a big fan of vintage-looking labels for beers. Honestly, I think they are used over and over and lost their soul. Therefore, I wanted to create a concept beer with using only the most beautiful typefaces that are alive today: Futura, Helvetica, Bodoni and Times New Roman. (Baskerville couldn’t make the list sorry.)

The idea was okay, nothing so fun about it until it went into the naming part. I love IPA and Blonde Ale, I started to combine them to create something that makes sense together with all of those nonsense names. HelvetIPA, FuturALE, BodoWeizen and Times Lager was only a few of them.

Like I mentioned it before, I didn't want to have something very crowded so, I kept everything simple and plain.

Here is the process and result so far.

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