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AI Travel Application Concept - Discovery Process

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Hello dribbblers!
I'm happy to share my very first official dribbble shot!

Remember last time you wanted to book you trip?
When you just wanted to recover from your stressful everyday life. Just wanted to switch off? When you did not want to worry about anything?
When you just wanted to live and experience. Live a dream.
Or how we Globals & TechGen simply call it: lífve

But instead of having a seamless experience, you hunt from one booking portal to the next. Always with the calculator next to you - and If it is just in the head.
Hours pass. Maybe days. A search, sometimes as long as the journey itself. Stressful. Long-winded. Bureaucratic.
Built around everything - just not you and me as people for whom it is meant.
In between so much more ....
On the journey it often does not end.
This and that not included ....
You come from vacation or from travel with the need for holidays ....

Well, traveling as everything should be about you as a human and your AI assistant could be a perfect solution for that. It’s already knowing you and your preferences and even after preparing everything within a few seconds, giving you the option to make advance adaptions to like everything.
A user experience like it should be, right? ;)

How about just telling your
and letting your personal assistant do it for you, hmm? ;)

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