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Visual Identity | Tennis semiotics lessons equipment coach visual identity court shoe laurel wreath sports tennis design branding logo draw vector drawing

Visual Identity for Bento Moraes, tennis coach.

This project has a little piece of my heart. I used to play tennis since I was 6, influenced by my father, Bento. He is passionate for tennis, a great coach and teacher for more than 30 years, so I felt like I could help him and be part of it somehow.

So I took some defining moments of his history and turned it into some symbols; combined them in one meaningful drawing, and finally got the solution. A moving shoe with laurel wreath shoelaces. We can't fly and our feet are connected to the ground by the gravity, but you still can move, and Bento choose running (on the court). Laurel wreath is a classic winner crown from old Greece and Rome, and well-known in tennis scenario, as Fred Perry for instance.

All of those inspirations took me to this final model, with three color versions and two uses. The first use is the complex drawing for higher resolutions and white BG; and the second a semiotics simplification for icons, avatar, smaller uses or complex BG.

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